BEDnBOATS’ philosophy: Life is an ADVENTURE!


Guests have the opportunity to find and live an exclusive experience in a luxury and romantic boat moored in an exciting location or charming port.


Hosts of the boat have the opportunity to offset their boat expenses, by earning money back from renting their boat / cabin to Guest.

BEDnBOATS  is a unique “share economy” concept and website platform to bring together both boat HOST and boat GUEST.

BEDnBOATS is a community marketplace who facilitates the ability to rent a cabin on a yacht / boat  anchored in a safe harbor. This is known as a “STATIC CHARTER”.

An international and professional team of enthusiastic people work close to Cherie, the BEDnBOATS creator and president. Cherie is an enthusiastic, clever, and determined lady, who has a strong experience on business creation, sales, marketing, and on bringing people together.

Our team, has been personally chosen for their professional service, attitude, and personal skill set. Hospitality has been our main priority when selecting the BEDnBOATS team. E-mail us, we are here to help!