BednBoats is as simple as staying in a hotel, except you will enjoy the novelty of staying on a boat instead. You can choose any destination port around the world where we have boats available.

Just think of yourself in a super yacht in magical Monte Carlo. You can either wake up at a Portofino sunrise, or choose between St.Tropez or Barcelona sunset. Imagine breakfast in a Corsica harbor, or a cozy sweet sailboat in an old characteristic port of Italy. You will experience a sense of peace, serenity, and beauty all around you while renting the accommodation on a boat. Being on the water is a luxury most people never get to experience.

BednBoats is not cruising or chartered cruising. That means the boat does not leave the safe port. It is a static, or stationary charter. So, if you are seasick, no worries because there are no waves. So, for a holiday, a stag holiday, your honey moon, or a weekend away, start exploring all the wonders of staying on a boat with BednBoats.

BednBoats.com provides an online platform that connects the Host, that is, the one who has boats/cabins as accommodations to rent, and the Guest, the one who is looking for such accommodations or services.

We wish everyone in the BednBoats community has a wonderful experience and a gorgeous holiday. Enjoy!

Live your dream!



To become a Host or a Guest you must first register to create your BednBoats account and then become a member.



Start by creating your Host listing. It’s like a profile page for the boat Host. You will be requested to provide BednBoats with your personal details and contacts, which won’t be disclosed to the other members of our community who will only be able to get in contact with you through our website. The Host, in order to complete his profile BednBoats, needs to have or apply for a PayPal account.

Both the Host and the Guest are responsible for determining the identity and suitability of those who contact them via BednBoats applications and services. As a Host, you are asked to showcase your assets the best way you can.

What’s in a boat listing?

The Host will need to fill out a description, take and upload photos of the boat, and pick a price. To make the boats visible it is very important that the Host sets up all the dates available (or all calendar year) for the Guest.

The boat listing helps Guests have an idea of what your boat is like. We highly recommend that in the boat listing the Host provides relevant accommodation and a detailed description together with all the pictures and information required to give your Guest a clear and real picture of your boat.

The Host may decide to offer their Guests some additional services such as pantry supply, appliances on which to play music, Wi-Fi connection, cable TV, a housekeeper to come tidy up the boat in case of longer stays, etc.

BednBoats cannot and does not control nor is liable for the content of any listing. Accordingly, all the bookings will be made or accepted at the member’s own risk. BednBoats does not allow, nor permit inappropriate photos, foul play, or vulgarity.

The Host is responsible for checking e-mails and answering the Guest directly to inform him about arrival times, adding extras to make their stay complete and to help him understand the protocol of his boat.

Please note that key handling and meeting the future Guest will be organized by the boat Host. BednBoats is not responsible for how the Guest accesses the boat.

BednBoats is not responsible for any damages of any sort, or even loud noise that could disturb the peace or disrupt the port community.

The Host is responsible for insuring the boat.

Guest booking

If you are a Guest and you are interested in booking a boat accommodation, the entire boat or cabin, you will “contact” your Host boat via BednBoats.com.

The Guest must register with his real identity and provide sufficient information to be viewed via BednBoats. BednBoats will share the Guest name with the Host, although nothing is “confirmed” until the reservation is “paid”. When the Guest pays for the reservation it is understood the Guest is accepted by the Host.

The Host and the Guest are also free to decide their own private cancellation policy.


Host’s boat Host’s rules

It is understood that every Guest should follow the Host’s rules so it’s up to you to provide your Guest with a detailed list of the provisions you expect them to comply with.

The Host sets up the rules. Booking and Guest preferences help fitting into your lifestyle. The Host decides if smokers or pets are allowed, if the Guest is allowed to cook on board or throw parties, etc. or what time the Guest can check in and check out.

Every agreement between the Host and the Guest about the rent of a listed accommodation is exclusively responsibility of the Guest and the Host. BednBoats takes no part into it.

BednBoats is a community based on trust and consideration and therefore it is up to the Host and the Guest to prove themselves reliable members of our community under penalty of being excluded due to other members’ complaints about the behavior of a Guest or the accuracy of the Host listing and hospitality.



BednBoats doesn’t suggest any advisable price. You can set a price for the whole boat or just rent out one or more cabins at different prices. You can also set a different price in case you allow a single event (party, wedding, business meeting…) to be held on board.


Payments and Cancellation

There’s no direct exchange of money between the Host and the Guest nor does BednBoats directly manage any payments or payouts conducted through or in connection with the renting of any accommodation available on the site. This is handled by PayPal, Inc. on behalf of BednBoats and thus the whole process is subject to PayPal’s terms and conditions.

Total BednBoats expense fees will be 20%. These fees are 10% from the Host and 10% added to the Guest.

For example if a Guest’s accommodation on a boat costs €100,00 he will be charged €110,00 and the Host will receive €90,00.

Each Host and Guest appoints and allows BednBoats to collect the total fees at the time of the booking.

Whenever making a reservation the Guest shall place their payment order online through PayPal, Inc.. PayPal shall process the payment order to the Host with the relevant amount of money within 24 hours from when the Guest confirms the reservation.

In case a Guest decides to cancel his reservation the Host’s cancellation policy shall apply (remember? Host’s boat, Host’s rules). BednBoats will not be involved in their private cancellation policy. Our ability to refund the amounts charged to the Guest for the reservation will depend upon the terms of the applicable Host’s cancellation policy. This being said, in any case of cancellation BednBoats will however withhold its fees (please refer to our general terms and conditions )


General Terms

In order to join our community you have to carefully read and accept our general terms and conditions which further provide Guests and Hosts with more details about our services and how the whole thing works. In case of further questions please do not hesitate in contacting us for whichever clarification you may possibly need